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Whitby Newsbrief is a monthly local paper that offers total coverage of all suburbs and villages around the Pauatahanui Inlet. Whitby, Pauatahanui, Judgeford, Camborne, Plimmerton, Mana and parts of Paremata now make up our circulation area. The readership of Whitby Newsbrief has jumped to 15,500 people, which together with online hits and Facebook hits of 7500 gives a readership of about 23,000 people each month.

Whitby Newsbrief is published monthly, and is delivered to all households and businesses on the first of each month or the closest working day there to.

The communities around the Pauatahanui Inlet are all expanding. Whitby, Camborne and Plimmerton are all growth areas, and Pauatahanui and Judgeford will become more attractive for housing once subdivision rules are amended, which is on the cards.

With population growth comes development . new supermarkets, retail centres, community facilities, and sports activities, which all creates opportunities for news and communication. That is the core business of Whitby Newsbrief. Local news for local people!

Within our circulation region, each community though has its own distinctive attractions. The beaches of Plimmerton and Karehana Bay, the inlet sports accessible through Camborne and Paremata, the walkways of the region and the leafy environment of Whitby and Pauatahanui all contribute to the lifestyle and the community. The public walkways, lakes and streams, trees and woodland, an attractive natural harbour and high quality planned housing reflect the lifestyle of this socio economic community.

Pauatahanui  estuary
Pauatahanui estuary

Whitby walkway
Whitby walkway

Whitby walkway
Plimmerton Boating Club

To contact us:

Whitby Newsbrief Ltd
39 Leeward Drive
Porirua 5024

Circulation: Whitby Newsbrief has a readership of over 15,500 people, plus 7500 on line hits per month. The newspaper is distributed every month to all of Whitby, Pauatahanui, the Golden Gate area of Paremata, Mana, Camborne, Plimmerton, and the Porirua CBD. Bulk copies also go to Porirua Information Office, and Pataka and Whitby Libraries. Also to The Professionals Real Estate offices and to the distribution basket in the Whitby Mall.
Whitby Newsbrief has stands at Spinnaker Dairy; Mana Subway; Leader's Real Estate, Plimmerton; Inlet Motors, Pauatahanui; Charlie's Cafe Aotea; and SOS Computers, Paremata.

Whitby lakes
Whitby Lakes make the village a special place to live. A popular area for recreation for families and a clean, green environment which is the envy of many other suburbs in greater Wellington.