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White Sapphire Paper incurs an additional charge of $40. See below for details
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Advertising Rates 2015

All advertisements will appear on a run of paper basis, which means they will be placed at our discretion. However, if you wish to specify a page position for your advertisement, we would be pleased to discuss this with you. Specific positions incur a loading of $40.00 plus GST per insertion. (They are available but dependent on availability.) We offer white sapphire paper on pages one and two, the back page and inside back page, and the four pages which make up the centrespread. If advertisers would like their advertisement to appear on those pages to gain more impact, Whitby Newsbrief charges a flat $40 charge on top of the scheduled advertising rate, to guarantee that position.

Advertising Material
If you have your own advertisement, email it to the Editor as a PDF or TIFF file in CYMK format for colour or GRAYSCALE for black and white and embed all fonts. Refer to Send To. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the advertisement content. We reserve the right to edit, or to refuse to accept, any advertorial or supporting editorial copy submitted for inclusion in Whitby Newsbrief.

Publication Deadlines
The Whitby Newsbrief is issued each month. If you wish to advertise in the next month's edition, we require advertising space to be confirmed by the 16th of the month prior to the publication dateline.
Adverts must be emailed to the Editor by the 20th of the month prior to the publication.

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Terms of Business
The Whitby Newsbrief Ltd Terms of Business shall apply always. A copy is available on our website . Payment for each issue is due within 7 days of the issue monthly invoices.
A 2.5% penalty could apply for late payment.