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Advice to contributors

If you are writing for your local organization or sports club, here are some simple tips to help you with your article...
  • Just ask yourself the basic questions - who, what, when, why and how, and answer all those in your story.

  • Don't try to make editorial out of an advertisement. A new business needs to advertise. We can sometimes give editorial support but unless there is something very special or very different about the business, it is best suited for advertising.

  • We will of course, support upcoming events for clubs and organizations. We can run short stories about those events but remember we are a monthly publication so our editorial deadline is 18th of the month prior, and we stick rigidly to it. You have to make sure you story is not out of date before it can be published.

  • A good heading is helpful to catch the readers' eye.

  • Remember people make stories, so try to include lots of names (spelled correctly) in your articles. People like to read about other people.

  • Keep your copy short and punchy. Give the facts accurately and don't ramble. We will edit the text tightly if you do.

Circulation: Whitby Newsbrief has a readership of over 15,000 people, plus 7500 online hits each month. The newspaper is distributed on or about the first Monday of each month to all residents of Whitby, Pauatahanui, Camborne, Plimmerton, Mana and parts of Paremata. Bulk copies are available in the Porirua CBD also, at the Porirua Information Office, North City Mall, Pataka, and Porirua Library. Whitby Newsbrief has stands at Spinnaker Dairy; Mana Subway; Leader.s Real Estate, Plimmerton; Inlet Motors, Pauatahanui; Charlie's Cafe Aotea; and SOS Computers, Paremata.
pics of personalities Whitby has lots of personalities, so make your stories about people and include lots of names. People like reading about other people!